forking dogecoin...
September 11th, 2014

Congratulations to dogecoin for adding merged mining!

Unfortunately, since at this time pycoind doesn't support AuxPoW, dogecoin is currently not working beyond block 371,337.

I hope to get AuxPoW implemented soon, as we love dogecoin and it would also open up the beginnings of supporting namecoin.

close, but no cigar
September 5th, 2014

I am finally releasing pycoind, however, it is not *quite* a full node yet.

What?! Why not?

Part of being a full node is verifying each input of each transaction of each block. Unfortunately this is slow. Very slow. It has taken a couple months to work my way through 60% of the blockchain. Once I have verified the blockchain successfully validates against pycoind, I will add checkpoints.

Checkpoints allow blockchain validation to skip old transactions, and the node can catch up to verify and relay new transactions.

In the meantime, pycoind is still a useful library for many tasks, such as analysing the blockchain, working with addresses and experimenting with script.

which old witch?
July 29th, 2014

Just an FYI, the patent US 6141420 has expired, so everyone should feel free to compress their elliptic curve cryptographic public key points to their little hearts' contents.

Although patented, the patent has never been challenged, and would certainly not have stood up in court as ECC point compression was published in a paper a year prior to the filing and was co-authored by one of the patent author (hence, was well aware of the prior art). A more in-depth argument for the invalidity of the patent can be read here.

Source Code: browse on GitHub  (direct download)
SHA256 Checksum: eb24256ae973b0eeeba8b0e7c7f09286fd604ffa44ed99b8d8503a9a8f8c9d23

Verify Downlaod:
/home/pycoind> # To check the SHA256 checksum:
/home/pycoind> openssl dgst -sha256
SHA256( eb24256ae973b0eeeba8b0e7c7f09286fd604ffa44ed99b8d8503a9a8f8c9d23
/home/pycoind> unzip
/home/pycoind> cd pycoind
/home/pycoind> sudo python install
Quick start:
/home/pycoind> # Start a node
/home/pycoind> pycoind-node --coin doge --background

/home/pycoind> # Monitor the node status (takes a while to sync)
/home/pycoind> pycoind-blockchain --coin doge --status
Block Header Height:   0
Guessed Height:        368897
Block Header Complete: 0%
Incomplete Blocks:     0

/home/pycoind> # A while later...
/home/pycoind> pycoind-blockchain --coin doge --status
Block Header Height:   367102
Guessed Height:        369077
Block Header Complete: 99%
Incomplete Blocks:     3

Other Downloads

Pypy   « download

A significantly faster Python interpreter with a just-in-time compiler.

Python bindings for scrypt algorithm   « download

A Python wrapper for the C implementation of the scrypt algorithm, providing tremendous performance gains. Highly recommended.


bitcoind   « download

The original bitcoin full node and wallet, written in C++. Actively maintained by the Bitcoin Core Developers on GitHub. This is as official as Bitcoin gets.

Vanitygen   « download

A bitcoin (and altcoin) vanity address generator, with GPU mining support. Excellent piece of software and still highly useful, despite not having any updates in the last 2 years.

For now, the on Github is the most complete documentation. It covers most of the high-level aspects of the API and utilities, but it should eventually be expanded on here.

Command Line Utilities
  • Blockchain — manages the databases of blocks, transactions and unspent transaction outputs (utxo)
  • Coins — coin specific parameters
  • Node — connects to the peer-to-peer network and manages peer connections
  • Protocol — serializes and deserializes the network protocol messages
  • Script — script language for processing transactions
  • Util — various of useful bits and pieces
  • Wallet — wallet and address management and manipulation

See the Cookbook section.


The pycoind application and library is released under the BSD License.


Want that certain feature implemented sooner? Feeling baller? Want to help me justify the time I sink into this to my girl friend?


Connect to one of our live nodes running the pycoind full-node: (coming soon!)

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